ALLAH/अल्लाह: एक सर्वशक्तिमान ईश्वर

Allah: The Almighty God

Allah is the Almighty God recognized as unique according to the Islamic faith. Allah is considered the one and only God, with no other deities besides Him. He is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer of the world. Allah is revered and acknowledged based on the fundamental values, reasoning, and facts of Islamic belief.

Meaning and Significance of Allah

The word “Allah” is derived from the Arabic language and it means “God” or “no god but Allah.” This name is extensively used in the Islamic faith and is repeatedly mentioned in the esteemed religious scripture of Islam, the Quran. The name Allah carries profound monotheistic and non-dualistic implications, further amplifying its significance. This name is used by millions of people in the Islamic population worldwide, and it is believed to express their religious and spiritual fulfillment.

Attributes of Allah

The attributes and qualities of Allah are extensively described in various Advaitic Vedic and Islamic scriptures. The Quran addresses Allah by various names, some of which include:


Allah is referred to as “Rab,” meaning the creator and sustainer of the world. He takes care of all living beings and upholds the entire universe.


This name signifies Allah as the creator of all things and the fashioner of everything.


Allah is called “Jabbar,” which means powerful and indivisible. He controls everything and holds ultimate authority.


Allah is highly compassionate. He helps us in our sorrows, troubles, and difficulties and bestows blessings upon us.


Allah is known as “Rahim,” which means merciful and kind. He constantly shows us grace and affection.

Through these attributes, Allah has presented His tale of love, compassion, and omnipotence, encouraging us to follow them in our lives.

Worship and Devotion to Allah

In the Islamic faith, worship and devotion to Allah are practiced according to religious ideals and guidance. Worship and devotion entail a sense of ideal reverence, self-sufficiency, purity, honesty, and complete devotion towards Allah. Through worship, we dedicate our minds, bodies, and souls to Allah and adhere to His religious principles. This worship and devotion help us establish a connection with Allah, seek His blessings, and promote spiritual growth.

The Importance of Allah’s Names in Islam

In Islam, the significance of Allah’s names is of utmost importance. These names remind us of Allah’s glory, non-duality, and virtues. When we engage in the remembrance of Allah’s names, our mental and spiritual well-being flourishes. We consider our souls sacred and pure, dedicating our lives to the contemplation of Allah.






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