99 Names of Allah (Al Asma Ul Husna)

Understanding the Divine Attributes of Allah

  1. Allah (The God)
  2. Ar-Rahman (The Most Gracious)
  3. Ar-Rahim (The Most Merciful)
  4. Al-Malik (The King)
  5. Al-Quddus (The Most Holy)
  6. As-Salam (The Source of Peace)
  7. Al-Mu’min (The Guardian of Faith)
  8. Al-Muhaymin (The Protector)
  9. Al-Aziz (The Mighty)
  10. Al-Jabbar (The Compeller)
  11. Al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic)
  12. Al-Khaliq (The Creator)
  13. Al-Bari’ (The Evolver)
  14. Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner)
  15. Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiving)
  16. Al-Qahhar (The Subduer)
  17. Al-Wahhab (The Bestower)
  18. Ar-Razzaq (The Provider)
  19. Al-Fattah (The Opener)
  20. Al-‘Alim (The All-Knowing)
  21. Al-Qabid (The Constrictor)
  22. Al-Basit (The Expander)
  23. Al-Khafid (The Abaser)
  24. Ar-Rafi’ (The Exalter)
  25. Al-Mu’izz (The Honorer)
  26. Al-Mudhill (The Humiliator)
  27. As-Sami’ (The All-Hearing)
  28. Al-Basir (The All-Seeing)
  29. Al-Hakam (The Judge)
  30. Al-‘Adl (The Just)
  31. Al-Latif (The Subtle One)
  32. Al-Khabir (The Aware)
  33. Al-Halim (The Forbearing)
  34. Al-‘Azim (The Magnificent)
  35. Al-Ghafur (The All-Forgiving)
  36. Ash-Shakur (The Appreciative)
  37. Al-‘Ali (The Most High)
  38. Al-Kabir (The Great)
  39. Al-Hafiz (The Guardian)
  40. Al-Muqit (The Sustainer)
  41. Al-Hasib (The Reckoner)
  42. Al-Jalil (The Majestic)
  43. Al-Karim (The Generous)
  44. Ar-Raqib (The Watchful)
  45. Al-Mujib (The Responder)
  46. Al-Wasi’ (The All-Encompassing)
  47. Al-Hakim (The Wise)
  48. Al-Wadud (The Loving)
  49. Al-Majid (The Glorious)
  50. Al-Ba’ith (The Resurrector)
  51. Ash-Shahid (The Witness)
  52. Al-Haqq (The Truth)
  53. Al-Wakil (The Trustee)
  54. Al-Qawiyy (The Strong)
  55. Al-Matin (The Firm)
  56. Al-Waliyy (The Protector)
  57. Al-Hamid (The Praiseworthy)
  58. Al-Muhsi (The Reckoner)
  59. Al-Mubdi’ (The Originator)
  60. Al-Mu’id (The Restorer)
  61. Al-Muhyi (The Giver of Life)
  62. Al-Mumit (The Taker of Life)
  63. Al-Hayy (The Ever-Living)
  64. Al-Qayyum (The Sustainer)
  65. Al-Wajid (The Finder)
  66. Al-Majid (The Glorious)
  67. Al-Wahid (The One)
  68. Al-Ahad (The Unique)
  69. As-Samad (The Eternal)
  70. Al-Qadir (The Able)
  71. Al-Muqtadir (The Powerful)
  72. Al-Muqaddim (The Expediter)
  73. Al-Mu’akhkhir (The Delayer)
  74. Al-Awwal (The First)
  75. Al-Akhir (The Last)
  76. Az-Zahir (The Manifest)
  77. Al-Batin (The Hidden)
  78. Al-Wali (The Governor)
  79. Al-Muta’ali (The Most Exalted)
  80. Al-Barr (The Source of Goodness)
  81. At-Tawwab (The Acceptor of Repentance)
  82. Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger)
  83. Al-‘Afuww (The Pardoner)
  84. Ar-Ra’uf (The Compassionate)
  85. Malik al-Mulk (The Owner of Sovereignty)
  86. Dhu’l-Jalal wal-Ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty)
  87. Al-Muqsit (The Equitable)
  88. Al-Jami’ (The Gatherer)
  89. Al-Ghani (The Self-Sufficient)
  90. Al-Mughni (The Enricher)
  91. Al-Mani’ (The Preventer)
  92. Ad-Darr (The Afflicter)
  93. An-Nafi’ (The Propitious)
  94. An-Nur (The Light)
  95. Al-Hadi (The Guide)
  96. Al-Badi (The Incomparable)
  97. Al-Baqi (The Everlasting)
  98. Al-Warith (The Inheritor)
  99. Ar-Rashid (The Guide to the Right Path)

In the Islamic faith, Allah is the Supreme Being, the one and only God worshipped by Muslims around the world. Allah is known by numerous divine attributes, each reflecting a different aspect of His nature and character. These attributes help believers to understand and develop a deep connection with the Divine. This article explores some of the key attributes of Allah, providing insights into His infinite qualities and the profound impact they have on the lives of believers.

2. Allah (The God)

Allah is the ultimate name for God in Islam. It signifies His uniqueness, oneness, and absolute sovereignty. The word “Allah” is not gender-specific and does not have a plural form. It encompasses all the divine attributes and serves as a unifying concept for Muslims worldwide.

3. Ar-Rahman (The Most Gracious)

Ar-Rahman refers to Allah’s boundless mercy and compassion. It emphasizes His loving and caring nature towards all creation. Allah’s mercy encompasses both believers and non-believers, and His compassion is all-encompassing.

4. Ar-Rahim (The Most Merciful)

Ar-Rahim highlights Allah’s specific and abundant mercy towards believers. It emphasizes His willingness to forgive and grant blessings to those who seek His guidance and follow His commandments. Allah’s mercy is a source of hope and comfort for believers, reassuring them of His love and forgiveness.

5. Al-Malik (The King)

Al-Malik denotes Allah’s absolute sovereignty and kingship over the entire universe. He is the supreme ruler and possesses complete authority over all aspects of creation. Allah’s kingship instills a sense of awe and reverence in the hearts of believers, reminding them of His power and authority.

6. Al-Quddus (The Most Holy)

Al-Quddus signifies Allah’s absolute purity and transcendence. He is free from any imperfections, sins, or deficiencies. Allah’s holiness inspires believers to strive for purity in their thoughts, actions, and intentions, seeking to align themselves with His divine qualities.

7. As-Salam (The Source of Peace)

As-Salam highlights Allah as the ultimate source of peace and harmony. He is the giver of inner peace and serenity to the hearts of believers. Allah’s peace encompasses both worldly tranquility and spiritual contentment, offering solace and protection in the face of adversity.

8. Al-Mu’min (The Guardian of Faith)

Al-Mu’min signifies Allah as the guardian and nurturer of faith. He instills faith in the hearts of believers, strengthening their conviction and trust in Him. Allah’s role as the Guardian of Faith ensures the preservation and protection of the beliefs and values of His followers.

9. Al-Muhaymin (The Protector)

Al-Muhaymin highlights Allah’s role as the ultimate protector and caretaker of all creation. He watches over and sustains the universe with His divine care and guidance. Allah’s protection provides believers with a sense of security and reassurance in their daily lives.

10. Al-Aziz (The Mighty)

Al-Aziz signifies Allah’s absolute might and power. He is invincible and possesses ultimate strength and authority. Allah’s might inspires awe and reverence in the hearts of believers, reminding them of His ability to overcome all challenges and difficulties.